Accepting the Reality of Infant and Toddler Sleep

This is a fantastic read about infant/toddler sleep. We have three children and with our oldest, I was CONVINCED something was wrong because she would wake 2-3 times for the first year (more obviously in the earlier months) and still wakes at 5 years old. With our second and third kids, I have accepted that this is normal and expected and don’t automatically jump to something being wrong because “kids should sleep through the night at a certain age.” When we know better, we can do better…such #wisewords GrubbyMummy!

Grubby Mummy and the Grubby Bubbies

Imagine if we, as a society accepted normal infant and toddler sleep.

I mean really accepted it, in all its glory.

Every part of society, from every generation, every family, every profession, every community, every culture, every religion.

What if we knew and accepted it as expected and respected elements of a child’s development?
What if everybody knew well before having their own children that their child would need night time parenting for the first few years of life?
If everybody knew that waking frequently to nurse was the biologically normal way for an infant/ toddler human to sleep?
If everybody knew that we are in fact ‘carry mammals’ and that our young require near constant contact with a caregiver for the first few months to continue their growth and development outside of the womb?
If everybody knew that a baby’s and toddler’s sleep can fluctuate a lotover…

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